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Promoción Pack Multi seguros
There are things you cannot control. your future yes.

We are aware of the unforeseen events in life, so we recommend you take out your Pension and Retirement Plan with Zurich and ensure the best future. And only until January 31, 2022, get an economic incentive for your contributions. Enjoy the future as you have always imagined!

Promoción Pack Multi seguros

Among new Zurich customers who take out car, home, business or accident insurance and who, in the following 6 months, take out a second policy of the two products on offer, they will receive a gift of € 50 on an online Mastercard® card .

Descuento por ser cliente Zurich
Customer discount

If you have a policy with Zurich and take out car or home insurance, we will give you
5% off. And if you have more than one policy, we will give you 10% off**.

Seguros de coche Zurich
Seguro de coche Zurich
Car insurance
The protection you are looking for

We provide you with a range of options so that you can take out the insurance which best suits your needs. We have also revised our rates while maintaining the same quality of service.

seguro de coche Zurich
Travel assistance

If your car breaks down, our specialist mechanics will try to fix it on the spot so you can continue your journey. If it cannot be repaired, we will tow your car up to 200 km.

seguros de coche Zurich
Tow truck in less than 1 hour

If you have a problem on the road, we promise to send you a tow truck in less than 60 minutes. If we don't, we will give you €60*.

seguros de coche Zurich
Getting your licence back

If you are left with no points on your driving licence, we give you up to €500 for the course you have to do to get them back.

Seguros de hogar Zurich
Seguro de hogar Zurich
Home insurance
Peace of mind at home

Our home insurance is tailored to the protection needs of all kinds of properties. Whether you are renting, have just bought a property or have a second home, we have the coverage you need.

seguro de hogar Zurich
Water damage

If water ruins a wardrobe, we cover the cost of finding and repairing the fault and replacing the wardrobe.

seguros de hogar Zurich

If your house or storage room is broken into, we will compensate you for everything you have insured.

seguros de hogar Zurich
Terrace furniture

If severe weather ruins your garden table and chairs, we will pay for new ones.

Seguros de vida Zurich
Seguro de vida Zurich
Life insurance
The security you need for you and your family

Whether you are single, living with your partner or have children, you can insure your future against any unforeseen events with our coverage tailored to your needs and at an affordable price.

seguro de vida Zurich

If the insured dies, their family will receive the death benefit.

seguro de vida Zurich

If you become permanently disabled, we will pay you the insured benefit.

seguro de vida Zurich
Extra services

We provide you with useful additional services designed to make your everyday life easier. Plus you will not have to pay anything for them.

** The discount will be given when taking out and renewing the policy purchased. Customers with one policy (motor or home) who take out another one (motor or home) will get 5% off. Customers with more than one policy (motor or home) who take out another one (motor or home) will get 10% off. Both policies must have the same policyholder to get the discount. The customer must have taken out all the policies with the same intermediary. The discount will be included in the final price of the policy purchased. If the customer cancels a policy, the discount will be adjusted on renewal.

Covers subject to the terms and conditions and schedule of the policy.

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